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How can I Manage My Booking with Hawaiian Airlines?

Customers may need to modify or cancel their reservations due to unforeseen circumstances. Through the manage booking feature, Hawaiian Airlines offers its customers the ability to make any modifications to their reservations. If you want to learn more about the Manage My Bookings feature and how to utilize it, you should read the section below on the procedure.

Methods for Managing Flight Bookings Hawaiian Airlines

There are several ways for Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking, including online access and contacting customer service. Here is a detailed overview of each of these access methods:

Manage Booking online:

You must follow the instructions below if you want to manage your Booking online.

  • Visit the airline's website and log into your account to start the procedure.
  • Find the "My Trips" option next.
  • provide your last name and the ticket's confirmation code.
  • Next, choose the booking you want to manage by clicking the Continue tab.
  • Next, select Cancel/Change from the available options.
  • You can now manage your reservation by canceling, rebooking, upgrading seats, adding baggage, asking for a refund, changing, and more.
  • The difference will be applied to your airline account for future use in circumstances where the modified flight is more expensive than your new Booking.
  • You will get a confirmation message in your registered email when the payment is successful.

Manage Booking via Hawaiian Customer Service

If you have trouble managing your booking online and would rather speak with a representative from customer service, you can get in touch with the airline's customer service by following these instructions:

  • Visit the airline’s website and move to the Contact Us section.
  • The contact information for customer assistance is available.
  • Call the number to get in touch with the customer service team. You may provide them with the specifics of your reservation. They will help you manage your reservation, make changes, or address any issues.

This way, you can phone +1 (877) 350-4539 / +1 (800) 367-5320 to speak with a Hawaiian Airlines Live Chat person and update any details of your reservation.

Services Offered by Manage Booking Tool

You can change a variety of services associated with your reservation using Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking tool. It is relatively necessary to be aware of these services. The list of services offered when managing a flight booking is presented below.

  • Change or cancel your flight reservation.
  • Online check-in and include baggage information.
  • To get all the necessary information, check the itinerary.
  • Adjust your booking to your flight schedule.
  • Make arrangements for pet travel to expand the scope of your bookings.
  • Gather a few details regarding the group trip reservations.

What is the Hawaiian airline's policy for name changes?

The airline imposes restrictions on a passenger even if it allows a number of name corrections. To use the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy, you must comply with the following requirements.

  • The ticket must have been bought from the airline to make any changes..
  • The code on each passenger's ticket must be 13 digits.
  • The ticket's first three digits must begin with 173. You will need to get in touch with the airline if that isn't applicable to you.
  • Due to marriage, divorce, or adoption, a traveler may change their name.
  • Depending on the purpose, the middle name may need to be modified.
  • If a traveler satisfies the requirements, they may switch from their nickname to their full name.
  • A name error of up to three characters is regarded as a minor adjustment in accordance with the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy. Any error that has more than three characters will be interpreted as a name change.


It's easy and quick to manage a flight booking. You can do anything from the convenience of your home, whether you need to modify your trip dates, upgrade your seats, or add more luggage.  For any issues, contact the airline through its phone number.