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How do I Request a Name Correction at Hawaiian Airlines? 

Do you want to know how to modify or correct the name on a Hawaiian airline reservation? Then you've come to the correct spot. This guide is intended to help people understand how to use Hawaiian Airlines' name correction policy.  

According to Department of Transportation regulations, everyone traveling must show the same name as on the ticket, passport, and any other applicable documents. To know how to avail of this change, read the processes and policies outlined below. 

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy 

The following requirements must be completed in order to accomplish the name correction:  

  • For a name correction, the airline permits just one reprint per booking.  

  • Any further name correction requests are treated as name changes and are subject to the name change charge as well as the ticket difference.  

  • Under the name correction policy, changes to the flight date, time, destination, or pricing class are not permitted.  

  • Minor name changes are permissible in order to match the name on the government-issued picture ID.  

  • Under Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Policy, any change in the passenger's date of birth, gender status, or title is not permitted.  

  • Changing the date of birth and the name is considered a name change and is subject to the policy on name changes. 

  • Minor changes to the date of birth are authorized while booking, provided the traveler does not seek the name adjustment.  

Steps to change name on Hawaiian Airlines Ticket via Official Website 

If your name is misspelled, you can fix up to three characters on the first, middle, or last name. You may correct your name online by following these steps:  

  • Navigate to "Find My Trip" on 

  • Retrieve the flight and choose the passenger whose name you want to change.  

  • Fill in the necessary field with the proper name.  

  • Pay the mandatory name correction charge at the checkout age.  

  • Remember that this airline accepts name changes 24 hours before the planned departure.  

Change Name on Hawaiian Airlines Ticket through Customer Service 

All other name change requests, such as legal name change due to marriage/divorce, inverted first/last name, adding the middle/last word to the travel ticket, and all other name change requests, can be handled by calling Hawaiian Airlines toll-free number at +1 (800) 367-5320.  

Name change request at Hawaiian Airlines 

The following are the types of name changes that you can request from airlines:  

First/Middle/Last Name 

You may correct up to three characters in the first, middle, or last name. The three-character restriction should not be confused with the first, middle, and last names. 

First and last names inverted 

The request can be processed after the relevant photo ID is submitted. The airline will charge a fee for name correction.  

Adding a Last Name 

If a traveler fails to add an extra last name on the trip, he or she can request one using Name change request at Hawaiian Airlines to modify the name on ticket. 

Change of Legal Name 

If a divorce decree, marriage, child adoption, or other legal factors necessitate a name change on the travel ticket, the airline will perform on the new PNR while preserving the trip segments and level of service as originally booked. 


The airline does not accept name changes after the booking has been confirmed and booked, according to this advice. Furthermore, the airline permits the customer to use the ticket for another person as long as they book a new PNR and pay the necessary Hawaiian Airlines name change charge as well as the pricing difference. To learn more, contact this airline's customer care department.