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What is UMNR policy for Frontier? - ID, Fee and Charges

With Frontier Airlines, you can get flight tickets at an incredible price and experience customer service that is exceptional. But when it comes to unaccompanied minors, the airline does not allow children under the age of 15 years to travel alone. They must be with an accompanying adult. The airline has such rules in place to ensure the safety and security of the passengers. You can read further along to get the details.

What is Frontier Unaccompanied Minor(UMNR) Policy?

  • Unaccompanied minors below the age of 15 cannot travel with the airline.
  • Minors aged 15 years or older can travel unaccompanied, and they are considered adults by the airline. Thus, there is no additional Frontier Unaccompanied Minor(UMNR) Fee charged by the airline if a child aged under 18 years up to 15 years travels alone.

If you have a child below the age of 2 and you need to travel with them, you must know about the infant policy given below.

What are Frontier Airlines Rules For Lap Infants?

  • You do not have to purchase a seat for an infant as they can travel free of charge.
  • The infant must be at least 7 days old to travel.
  • Passengers traveling with infants are allowed to carry 2 personal items in total in the cabin for free, and the second one can include items such as a diaper bag and other essentials for the infant.
  • If a child is older than 2 years, they must have their own seat in flight, and it has to be purchased.
  • Customers can get car seats or harnesses for children aged 2 years and older that must be approved by the FAA.
  • If you are carrying a booster seat, it can only be used during the flight, but during take-off and landing, it must be stowed in the overhead bin.

How to Book A Flight For Unaccompanied Minor(UMNR)?

A minor aged between 15 years to 18 years old is allowed to travel alone. To book a flight, you may use the steps below.

  • Open the page
  • In the booking window, you have to enter the travel dates, origin, and destination.
  • Then, you have to enter the number of travelers where you need to mention the number of adults, children, and infants. If the passengers are at least 15 years or older, you must add them to the adult category; between 2- 15 years old, the category children must be selected, and under 2 years, the category infants must be chosen.
  • Click search and select the flight.
  • Make the payment.
  • Get a confirmation email with the details from the airline.

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Frontier Airlines Phone Number for UMNR Queries

Using the steps above, you can easily book a flight for minors aged 15 years and older who are traveling alone. If you have any further queries or need extra help, you may connect with customer service via WhatsApp using the number +1844 231-5895/720-902-3969 and get assistance.

The information above will be useful if you are looking for details about unaccompanied minors(UMNR). If you require any other help, you may visit the official website or connect with the customer service department. The airline is available 24/7 for the comfort of the customers.