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Does Frontier allow the transport of human remains? 

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking as it is and having to fly with the remains might be difficult, as there are many rules that you need to follow for shipping the remains safely. If you are planning to book the flight with Frontier Airlines you should know that the airline does not allow the transportation of human remains. But if you have cremated the body, you can carry the remains with you. Do not worry about carrying ashes, as they can be carried in flight easily to get detailed information go through the airline's policy and the process, which is mentioned here so that the journey is hassle-free and you do not encounter any problems. 

Frontier Airlines' policy on carriage of crematory remains 

  • The container that contains the remains must be made of wood or plastic. 
  • The container should be such that it can be screened during the security check without any issues. 
  • Under any situation, the airline or the TSA cannot open the container. 
  • Due to any reason, if the container cannot be screened, you will not be allowed to take it with you for the flight. 
  • You can check in the container or carry it in the cabin with you. 
  • You have to make sure that the container is sturdy, heatproof, and packed properly. 
  • If you are sending the remains with the help of a funeral home, you must contact the funeral home to ensure that the remains are packed properly. 

After you are aware of the Frontier Airlines policy, you may have more questions on your mind. You may call the customer service team to get the solution or go through the information below to get the answers to commonly asked questions. 

What Documents Do I Need to Fly with Human Ashes? 

You will need to carry the death certificate or the certificate of cremation to fly with human remains. Additionally, you will need to fill out a customs form for arrival at certain destinations. 

Can I carry the remains in an urn? 

  • yes, you can carry the remains in an urn, but it should be made of such material that can be screened easily. If you are checking in the Urn, it will be marked “Fragile.” 

Can I take the remains as a carry-on? 

  1. yes, you can take the remains as a carry-on. It should be properly sealed and packed to avoid spillage. 

How Much Does It Cost To Carry Crematory Remains? 

Carrying crematory remains does not require you to pay any additional fee. However, the container will be considered as carry-on or checked baggage. Thus, it should be within your baggage allowance or you may have to pay for excess baggage if the number of bags increases.  

The information above will be useful if you have to carry human crematory remains and you are planning to fly with Frontier Airlines. You will get the essential details you need to know to carry the crematory remains.  If you require help with any other travel-related query or you need extra support, you may call the customer service team or visit the official website.