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What Is Not Allowed in Carry on Luggage Singapore?

Traveling through Singapore Airlines comes with restrictions that benefit the customer. The airlines are concerned about the safety of the passengers, so considering the utmost care, convenience, and safety, they implement certain guidelines. When it comes to baggage policy, it is necessary to understand the guidelines to prevent any further hassles. Here, you will learn things in detail. But through this page, you will also learn what is allowed and what is not allowed in carry-on luggage in Singapore. To understand this, stay connected till the end of the page.  

How is baggage categorized, and what weight and dimension should be allowed?

The guidelines are essential as they are meant to ensure the safety of the individual (traveler) and the care of other passengers. If talking about the baggage, it is segmented into two categories: a) Carry-on baggage and b) Checked baggage. 

Carry-on Baggage is convenient to carry along on the plane and can be stowed in an overhead compartment during the flight. It may contain personal items like an overcoat, backpack, rolling suitcase, laptop bag, etc. Singapore Airlines allows you to carry one or two bags as baggage.  

If talking about the Singapore Airlines carry-on baggage allowance it may vary according to the class of travel.  

If your travel class is Suite, first class, or business class, the cabin baggage allowance allows two handbags and one personal item. It can weigh upto 7 kg. The sum of height, width, and length should not exceed 115 cm. 

If your travel class is Premium economy, class, or economy, the cabin baggage allowance allows you to bring two handbags and one personal item. It can weigh upto 7 kg. The sum of height, width, and length should not exceed 115 cm. 

Note – When the dimensions and weight exceed the specified limit, they are counted in the checked baggage.  

Personal Item 

Additionally, you are allowed to bring any of the following free of charge that may include -

  • Overcoat
  • Handbag
  • document bag
  • Infants' food and consumption are within 6kg.
  • Umbrella
  • Backpack
  • Rolling suitcase
  • laptop bag

A baby stroller should be considered carry-on baggage and kept in the baggage hold without charges. 

Checked baggage is luggage released to the airline at the airport and stowed in the aircraft cargo area. It is not allowed to be taken along on the plane. It is received at the terminal through the carousel at the departing airport.  

The checked baggage allowance on Singapore Airlines will depend on the flight's route and travel class. The piece concept allowance will be applied when flying to or from the U.S., and the weight concept allowance will be applied if you are flying to or from any other location. Also, the sum of the length, width, and height must not exceed 158cm/62in.  

What are the things that a passenger should be prohibited from doing? 

The passengers are prohibited from carrying these items as checked or hand baggage. The list of items is as follows —  

  • Explosives, fireworks, party poppers, and pyrotechnics.  
  • Bleaching powder or peroxides.  
  • Flammable items, paints, adhesives, or any other that can easily be ignited.  
  • Radioactive materials. 
  • Poisons like arsenic, insecticides, or cyanides. 
  • Meals ready to be eaten. 
  • Ammunition  
  • corrosive material like mercury, acids, alkalis, and wet cell batteries.   
  • Firearms or parts of the firearm.  
  • Toy guns that imitate a real weapon.
  • Matchbox, lighter, battery-powered, blue-flame lighters.  
  • Compressed gases include propane, butane, aqualung cylinders, refills, lighter fuels, etc.  
  • Pepper sprays or mace.  

The necessary medical equipment, needles, and syringes are kept aside from the prohibitions if a passenger has the professionally prescribed medicine with a professionally printed label that gives an idea of the medical office or pharmacy and not allowed Liquids, aerosols and gels in containers of 100ml / 100g or more, even if the containers are partially filled. E.g. drinks, creams, balms, lotions, pressurised foams and sprays, canned food with liquid content, peanut butter, honey, soups and sauces, perfumes and deodorants. 

What items are restricted to the passengers? 

These things are restricted for the benefit of the customer itself. If they don’t align with the requirements, then they are not to be allowed in the Besides these, there are restricted items, which may include -

  • Knives
  • Scissors or any sharp-shaped objects
  • Handcuffs
  • Non-radioactive medicinal or toiletry articles like hair sprays, medicines, perfumes, hand sanitizers, and alcohol-based disinfectants.
  • Sports equipment like hockey, golf clubs, baseball, cricket bats, and billiard cues
  • Devices that cannot be turned off
  • Toy guns 

According to the law, any other things that may cause trouble or security hazards. The above-given objects or anything that resembles the things above are not recommended to carry along and are, thus, placed under the restricted category.  

The local authorities will retrieve the items mentioned at the boarding gate, and depending on the guidelines, they will not return them.  

Why are these items generally restricted? 

These items are generally restricted for the safety and security of the passengers, crew, and aircraft. In accordance with the Dangerous Goods Regulations of IATA, ICAO, and SIA rules and guidelines, the following items are either prohibited or restricted on all air travel. 

You may find an additional list of items on the carriage of specific items according to the respective laws, regulations, and orders. If you are traveling to or from the countries, make sure you don't carry these things that comply with the prohibitions or restrictions.  

In conclusion

After reading the above-mentioned details, you have now become well-familiar with the restricted and prohibited items and taken a glance at the weight and dimension measures for Singapore Airlines. If you ever have to travel through the air, make sure that you avoid these items to carry along onboard.