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LAX Terminal Details for Lufthansa Airlines

If you are scheduling a Lufthansa Airlines journey via LAX. Then to ensure a seamless and stress-free travel experience, this comprehensive overview covers all the information you need to know about the Airlines LAX Terminal. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a hassle-free trip at LAX with the Airlines!

Lufthansa Airlines LAX Terminal Information

Both arrivals and departures for Lufthansa Airlines operate out of Terminal TBIT at LAX.

The terminal's arrival area offers a range of amenities to visitors, including as baggage claim services, ground transit access, and personalized service to basic necessities.

Travelers can board their designated flights with the carriers from the departure section of this terminal, which directs them to their designated boarding gates. The passengers can use a range of services at the departure terminals.


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All Terminals at Los Angeles Airport

There are nine terminals at the Los Angeles airport. Their structure is designed to have a horseshoe-like appearance.

Terminal 1:

Enabling 13 gates to operate more easily

There are 13 gates altogether, which include the bus gate and the following: 9, 11A–11B, 12A–12B, 13–15, 16, 17A–17B, and 18A–18B.

Terminal 2:

It has twelve gates: 21, 21B, 22, 23A–23B, 24, 25A–25B, 26A–26B, 27, and 28.

In addition to the clubhouses of several airlines, it features two air lounges.

Terminal 3:

This terminal, which has eleven gates in total, includes all of the gates between 30 and 38. It offers parking services, luggage trolleys, and lounge access.

Terminal 4:

This terminal, which houses about 16 gates, has improvements to offer more hold room capacity.

Terminal 5:

The gates range from 50 to 59. This concourse provides a wide range of amenities, including food courts, parking lots, shopping, and visitor centers.

Terminal 6:

There are fourteen gates in total: 60–63, 64A–64B, 65A–65B, 66, 67, 68A–68B, and 69A–69B. Additionally, it permits travelers to enter the baggage claim areas and ticket lobbies. Additionally, this concourse is one of the busiest places.

Terminal 7:

It has gates starting at number 70. It also offers improved personal services and security checks.

To increase the infrastructure even more, it is being linked to the Automated People Mover.

Terminal 8:

There are eight gates in all.

These consist of Gates 86A–B and 80–85. But there are no amenities like ticketing or security at this concourse.

Terminal B:

The largest of all is referred to as the Tom Bradley International Terminal. It is divided into many portions, such as the North side, South side, West side, and the Bus Port section, and has 40 gates.

Services provided by LAX Terminal for Lufthansa

A range of services are available to passengers at LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) to enhance their travel experience. Among the services are:

  • Restaurants and Cafes: TBIT features retail stores, duty-free shopping, and a wide selection of eateries, cafes, bars, and shops offering a range of meals and beverages.
  • Lounges: There are several lounges at TBIT, including airline and independent lounges, with free food and drink, Wi-Fi, workstations, and showers.
  • Information Desks: Information desks are positioned all across the terminal to provide travelers with inquiries, directions, and other details.
  • Baggage Storage: TBIT has a baggage storage facility in the arrivals area where travelers can store their bags.
  • Medical Services: Passengers can receive basic medical care at TBIT's medical clinic.
  • Wifi Connection: Free Wi-Fi is available . Passengers can utilize the free Wi-Fi accessible throughout the terminal to access the internet.
  • Transportation Services: TBIT provides a range of transportation choices, such as buses, rental cars, ride-sharing services, and taxis.


At LAX, Lufthansa Airlines offers both domestic and international flights to various destinations. Depending on the carriers' availability at the assigned terminals, these flights may be direct or connected.