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How Much Does a Bag Cost on Breeze Airways?

If you are traveling with Breeze Airways and might be your baggage limit might exceed the allowed baggage weight with the airline. The passengers can take excessive baggage. All they need to do is pay extra for it and know how much a bag costs on Breeze Airways. It becomes necessary to learn the rules and regulations mentioned in the Baggage policy of Breeze Airways, which is discussed here.

Breeze Airways Baggage Policy

  • The passengers can carry one check-in bag with the nicest fare and two check-in bags while traveling under the nicest fare.
  • The weight and size of the baggage are allowed to be 50 lbs and under 62 linear inches.
  • The passengers are not allowed to carry checked baggage if they are traveling under cheap fares with Breeze Airways.
  • If the passengers have a pet carrier, it will get counted under the guest carrier, and they can bring one personal item on board.
  • A carry-on baggage will cost $25 each way, and the cost of checked baggage will be $29 if the passengers make the reservation for the baggage in advance.
  • If the passengers make excessive baggage purchases at the airport, they must pay $50 for carry-on and checked baggage.
  • The passengers can carry on baggage for free at the airline's friendly, nicer, and nicest fare.

Does Breeze allow checked bags? Yes, Breeze does allow checked bags. You can check in one bag for free with the Nicer fare and 2 bags for free with the Nicest fare. If you need to check in more bags, you may book the baggage for a fee ranging from 35 $ to 50 $ depending on the number of bags and the route.

How Many Bags Can You Carry on For Free?

The carry-on baggage you can get for free differs with each fare type. With Nice fare, carry-on bags are not included. With Nicer and Nicest fares, you can get one carry-on bag per passenger for free. However, one personal item is allowed for each passenger, irrespective of the fare class, which may include a purse, a small briefcase, or a small backpack. Nice fare passengers can buy carry-on baggage at 35 $.

What is the weight limit for bags on flights? The weight limit for bags on flights is listed below by category.

  • Carry-on baggage - The maximum weight of the bag must not be more than 35 pounds.
  • Personal item - There is no weight limit on the personal thing, but it must be within the size limit prescribed by the airline. Generally, most airlines will allow personal items weighing approximately 20-25 pounds.
  • Checked baggage - The checked should not be more than 50 pounds. Bags weighing more than 50 pounds are considered to be overweight baggage, and the passengers need to pay a fee accordingly.

The information above will be useful if you need to know about the Breeze Airways baggage policy. If you need help with any other travel-related query, call the Breeze customer service number or visit the official website. The airline is accessible 24/7 for your comfort so that your journey is memorable.

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