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How do I Travel with my pet at Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines are one of the best airlines in Panama, which always works to complete the desires of its passengers. And if you are willing to take your four-legged lovable pup with you. Then your dream becomes true now with Copa Airlines. Because this airline serves one of the best policies, which makes your process very easy. So that you can carry your lovely pup without any difficulties.

The Copa Airlines Pet Policy.

Copa Airlines has a dog policy that allows small dogs and cats to travel in the cabin with their owners. Pet owners who don't meet Copa's requirements won't be allowed to take their animals on flights. Please read the simple guidelines below before boarding an aircraft to prevent any issues.

  • Pets are permitted on Copa flights, subject to size and weight restrictions, as long as they can fit comfortably in an official carrier under the seat in front of you.
  • A maximum of Max. weight (incl. pet) 20lb/9kg, Max. size Soft-sided carriers: 18in (L) x 11in (W) x 11in (H), Hard-sided carriers: 17in (L) x 13in (W) x 7.5in (H) is the size of the carrier. The combined weight of the pet and carrier cannot exceed 20 pounds (9.07 kg).
  • For pets flying in the cabin, Copa charges a $125 one-way fee. The payment of the pet is not refundable, and customers are only allowed to have one pet.
  • Legal documentation Your pet must possess a current health certificate issued by an authorized veterinarian within 14 days of travel. Additional requirements include that your pet be current on all required vaccinations.
  • The carrier must be well-fastened, leak-proof, and well-ventilated to meet safety regulations. The carrier must fit snugly beneath the seat in front of the passenger so as not to block their access to the aisle. The pet has to remain in the carrier the entire flight.
  • Each Copa flight only allows a few pets in the cabin, so it's critical to make a reservation for your pet in advance.

Pets are not allowed in the cabin on Copa international flights, except those going to or from the Dominican Republic.

The Copa Airlines Checked Baggage Pet Policy.

As per the Copa Airlines Checked Baggage Pet Policy, pets cannot be checked as luggage. Pets must travel with their owners on Copa Airlines in approved pet carriers that have a waterproof bottom, enough space, and ventilation for the creature.

  • There is no Business Class, and the only animals allowed in the Main Cabin are small dogs and cats.
  • Before leaving, you must complete the reservation related to the pet; at least 48 hours must have passed.
  • An animal must be at least 8 weeks old in order to travel in the cabin.
  • For international travel, you'll need to have an official health certificate from a licensed veterinarian, along with any other documentation that the country you're going to needs.
  • Always check the country-specific restrictions before departing since many countries have additional restrictions.

For flights within Colombia, all that is required is a current immunization record. Domestic flights within Panama require valid immunization records and health certification.

So after knowing all the policies, you will get aware of the pet policy of the airline. So you must have to follow it well. Also, for further information, you can coordinate with the Copa Airlines Customer Service person who is around the clock reachable. With whom you can resolve all of your doubts and serve the solution appropriately. Also, you must coordinate with them before taking your flight with the best one