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How do I change my Name on My Breeze Airways Ticket?

The majority of the time, Breeze Airways passengers use a variety of methods to book their flights. However, doing it online requires you to pay close attention while typing the names and other information. If your name is entered incorrectly, you can easily update it on your ticket with Breeze Airways. However, changing a name can be a hectic process. So, to be on the safer side, it is always advisable to go through the policies before opting for a change.

What is Breeze Airways Name Change Policy?

Before opting to change the registered name on your flight, kindly read the key highlights enlisted below to have an insight:

  • You are allowed to alter up to 3 letters of your name only; if you want to change the full name, then come in contact with the Breeze Airways helpline team.
  • If you have booked with the help of a travel agent or the airline’s representative, you should reach them to correct your name.
  • The name change process in the tickets is easy if purchased online or at the airport counter.

The process to change the name through the official website

If you wish to alter your name online, you must adhere to these instructions. You can rapidly modify your name as it appears on the ticket by following the instructions.

  • Utilize your internet browser to navigate to Breeze Airways' official website on your device.
  • In the manage booking section, enter all the pertinent data, such as the passenger's last name and PNR.
  • Your flight information will appear on a freshly loaded page.
  • Verify all the information, including the time, date, origin, and destination cities.
  • The menu options are in the lower left area of the screen; select "change name" there.
  • You'll receive instructions on how to enter the information again for the name change process. Upload the necessary files, then review your expenses.
  • On the screen, there will be detailed instructions. Please follow these instructions to submit your request for a name change.
  • A verification code will be sent to your registered phone number.
  • You will receive a confirmation text when you select next and confirm the changes, detailing all the necessary adjustments.

You could modify your name on the Breeze Airways ticket in one of two ways. On the reserved ticket, however, you can also modify your name by getting in touch with customer care.

Can I change my flight Ticket To Another Name?

No, you can’t. If airline tickets could be transferred from one traveler to another, it would undermine the airline industry's entire business model, which is to raise the cost of tickets typically purchased by business travelers while discounting advance purchase fares for tourists.

Can you fly if you change your name?

Yes, you can fly, provided it is within the 24/7 hour window, as mentioned in the policy. After booking the ticket for a flight whose departure date is 7 days or later than that, you can change your name till the 24/7 hour window closes. This is free of cost. However, if the departure date is less than 7 days, even the special time allotted window will be useless. Here, the best possible alternative is to connect with the customer service team.

Can I still fly if my name is spelled wrong?

No, you won’t be able to fly if your name is spelled wrong on your ticket. At the counter, your ticket will be verified along with other important government documents to ensure your identification. If your ticket doesn’t match your documents, there is a high possibility that the airline might hold you back from boarding.