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How do I Request Copa Airlines Wheelchair Assistance?

When the best hassle-free airline services Copa Airlines is the best choice for air travelers, It delivers world-class amenities to its passengers 24 days a month and 7 hours a week. You can get assistance from the customer service agents if you find it difficult to use the flight services. If you want to add any extra services like adding wheelchair assistance then you can also add this service free of cost.

But if you are unaware of the process then you can follow the steps which are given below.

Procedure to Request Copa Airlines Wheelchair Assistance via Customer Service agent:

Dial the contact number of Copa Airlines at  +1(877)350-4539 / +1 786 840 2672 to contact the Copa Airlines Customer Service Specialist for Copa Airlines wheelchair assistance. Just after dialing the contact number, the voice menu of the IVR will start automatically. Follow the IVR commands carefully, such as:

To select the language.

  • Choose 1 to start your process in English.
  • Choose 3 to start your process in Portuguese.
  • Choose 5 to start your process in Spanish.

For placing a request or discussing the problem.

  • Choose 1 for the general queries.
  • If the query is related to air ticket booking, then you can select 3.
  • If the query is related to the flight cancellation, then you can choose 5.
  • For the query related to the change name on the air ticket, you can select 7.
  • For the query related to the refund, you can choose 9.
  • For any air services request, you can pick #

When both the command of the IVR menu will connect, you will be able to communicate with the customer service agent. Follow the steps carefully.

But because of any computer system problems or any other issue, sometimes customers are unable to connect with the agent. So, Copa Airlines also provides other methods so that their passengers can connect with them.

Other methods to request assistance are:

To go to the airport: If you can not find the proper solutions to your extra service request, then you can directly visit the nearest airport from your house. For this, you are needed to:

  • At the airport, find the customer service person’s cabin by taking assistance from the help desk section.
  • After finding their cabin you can place your request you want to add with him/her.
  • Then, deliver all the required information which can help the customer service person to find the solutions to the queries.

Via Mobile application:. To use the mobile application of the airline, first, you need to download the application from the iOS store or app store.

  • Then, log in to the application by entering your personal details.
  • Then, on the home page section, select the “My trips” tab.
  • After that, you need to enter the reservation code or E-ticket number and the last name of the customer.
  • Then, you are able to modify your ticket.

After that, you will a confirmation email on your registered email ID.

Live Person Chat: With the help of Copa Airlines Live Person Chat passengers can also request any extra assistance they want to add. With this method, you can chat with a live person from Copa. You are only required to provide all the information which are necessary for requesting any extra assistance. Then he/she will provide you with the solutions as soon as possible.

So after reading all the information which are provided above you can now easily take a Copa Airlines wheelchair Request without taking help from anyone. But if you find any difficulty then you can also visit the official web page of the airline 24x7.