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Scandinavian Air Reservations

Is Scandinavian Air a Good Airlines?

SAS is the official carrier for Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, the SAS Group conducts flights to over 100 locations worldwide for people, cargo, and mail. SAS Scandinavian Airlines has been awarded a 3-Star Airline certification for its exceptional airport, onboard, and crew services.

In a world where plans can change instantly, SAS understands the importance of flexibility. That’s why this airline offers passengers the freedom to adapt their travel plans. Plus, without the stress and hassle of complicated procedures or high fees. In every situation, be it flight rescheduling, route adjusting, or switching date or time, they have you covered. With a simple online process, you can change your itinerary in just a few clicks. It will ensure that your travel plans stay as flexible as you need them to be. So why worry about the unexpected when you can fly with the confidence and peace of mind that comes with the flight change policy?

How to manage the booking of SAS?

Official Website

Phone Call

To request SAS Airlines to change flights from customer service, you need to call this airline's toll-free number. To be directed to the team of experts, you need to pick the appropriate number on IVR that aligns with your problem. After that you have to:

Key points of SAS Change Flight Policy:

Passengers with a 24-hour flight change policy can modify their flight tickets within 24 hours after booking. Passengers are not required to pay any change costs under this arrangement. This regulation is applicable to all SAS flights, regardless of price class.


The above information will help you manage booking for your reservation with the SAS. In case you find any difficulty in processing any of the steps described above, feel free to call the customer service experts to guide you. The skilled team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.